About Us

Our mission is to offer an authentic European experience of baked goods that will mesmerize our clientele and leave them wanting for more.

Our History

From delicately designed cakes and pastries to flavor-rich sandwiches and coffee, the culinary experts at Emili’s Café have mastered the art of preparing delicious baked goods.

Whether it be a quick midday snack or a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday, you will find that our tempting selection is impossible to resist.

Emili's Café delivers years of culture, tradition, and history packed in carefully cooked and neatly assembled baked goods.

At Emili’s Café, we deliver an orchestra of European flavors to your delight!

We continue to stay in touch with our roots and offer a unique and exciting selection of cakes, pastries, sandwiches, and coffees inspired by French, German, and Swiss ingredients.

Renowned for our traditional recipes, we deliver an unmatched and authentic experience.

Our aim is to exceed the expectations of our clientele. Our pride lies within the warm and welcoming ambiance we have created to accompany our unique offerings made with love.

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